Geoffrey Giuliano Supermarket Rant: It was Donald Trumps’ Fault!

Dick of the year award goes to Geoffrey Giuliano. He’s the z-list U.S. actor who told a fellow supermarket customer – ”I’m an American, I can do what I want”.

The bi-polar lunatic come Beatles author had been visiting a Big-C supermarket in Pattaya when he appeared to push in front of another customer.

The French expat claimed Giuliano then threw around 25 items onto the conveyor belt which was in the ”ten items or fewer” zone.

This really riled the Frog, who likes the rules to be followed. He whipped out his camera phone and provoked Giuliano into a going off on a bizarre rant.

Giuliano – wearing several press passes with his name on – said: ”You’re not intimidating me by that camera, I’m an actor.”

The Frenchman replied: ”I’m just waiting for the next round, because what you said about America was very interesting.”

Giuliano, originally from Rochester, New York, then appeared to become even more aggressive as he begins swearing and moving towards the filmer.

He said: ”Go fuck yourself, OK. Go fuck yourself, OK, let’s get it real straight. You can go fuck yourself, OK.

”I’m an American, I do what I want, we’re the kings of the world, OK.

”We’re professional assholes. We have taken being assholes to the highest possible fucking level in this world.”

The Frenchman said: ”I agree with you.”

Giuliano replied: ”You agree, so we have a point of agreement. Now next time mind your own fucking business.”

A few moments later Giuliano walks out of the busy supermarket in the South Pattaya district of the city on Thursday at around 6pm.

Despite being the ”world’s number one authority on the Beatle’s” (his own words), Giuliano is widely disliked by most who have ever met him.

These are the words of Olivia Harrison, the wife of George Harrison, who calls Geoffrey Giuliano a ”parasite”.

The sight of Geoffrey Giuliano’s face is enough to make anyone a recluse. My husband once made the remark: ‘That guy knows more about my life than I do’. Mr. Giuliano missed the joke and used it to endorse his book. To rate himself as the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roller biographer (a laughable title in the first place) is nothing but delusion. He has only ever been in the vicinity of my husband for about 10 minutes and considers himself an expert. He parades as a spiritual person while condemning the famous, yet without them his achievements in this life wouldn’t rate one line in any newspaper. To judge Paul McCartney as ‘vacuous and shallow’ after all Paul has written and offered to the world is surely the judgement of an arrogant mind, especially as Giuliano’s own recognition is not because he is creative, but because, like a starving dog, he scavenges from his heroes, picking up bits of gristle and sinew along the way, repackaging them for consumption by a gullible public. His life is a ‘curse’ to himself and perhaps his admitted 300 acid trips by the age of 19 have something to do with it. I’m sick of this guy.

There will be plenty more who dislike Giuliano. He truly is an odious person.

But the funniest thing to come out of the whole Geoffrey Giuliano supermarket episode, was the lack of responsibility he took for the incident.

At first he claimed his rudeness was tongue in cheek and he was sending up the fussy Frenchman.

Next, it was all Donald Trump’s fault for creating anti-Amercian sentiment around the world.

He said: ”This story is to do with Donald J Trump. It’s a measure of the Trump effect around the world that anything happens that’s vaguely related to America is automatically tacked onto Donald Trump and his shenanigans around the world.”

Giuliano said he did not lose his temper after being caught taking too many items through the checkout, but said ”that’s just the way I talk, I’m an actor”.

Wearing a blue tribal shirt, ethnic lucky charms and purple tinted glasses, he said: ”The fact that these people who chose to take take the time to comment… those who felt compelled to get involved very clearly brought their prejudices to the table.

”This story was like a landing strip for people’s prejudices and once they arrived they unpacked them and let them loose.”

Giuliano said that Donald Trump had created a situation around the world where people were ”repulsed” by Americans.

He said: ”This is about how Donald J p***ygrabber has f***ed up the entire world to the extent where America is a dirty word.

”I knew that this Frenchman was coming to the table with his prejudice about Americans so I just gave him back what he expected to see, that’s all it is.

”I’ve had death threats for taking 14 aisles through the ten item line. Half of the people said ‘oh, he’s gotta be a Trump supporter, a guy like that, the other half were certain I was an elite Hollywood Hillary supporter, the truth is i’m neither.

”It’s about America and people have their prejudices about America now thanks to Donald Trump, we’re getting treated like this when people come up to us and put their prejudices onto us.”

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