Gaming addict, 17, ‘murders father after being told to stop playing on his computer’

A teenage gaming addict allegedly stabbed his father to death after he complained about him spending too much time on the computer.

Anuwat Chauybangdue, 51, was gardening when he was allegedly stabbed in the back by his son Panwarat, 17, in Surat Thani, southern Thailand, on Saturday (07/12) morning.

Police arrived to find the father in a pool of blood from where he had dragged himself into the kitchen to call for help – while the youngster is said to have fled on a motorcycle.

Anuwat, a police sergeant, died later in hospital and officers arrested the son on suspicion of murder at a nearby restaurant – where he had been playing games with a friend.

Relatives said that the youngster would spend ”all night” playing online games and sleep in the day. The issue had caused several arguments with his father in recent weeks.

The boy’s auntie, Fah, claimed that her nephew stabbed his father because he was angry when he tried to be stop him from playing online, multiplayer battle games.

She said: “My niece would always spend night time playing games and sleep in day time. His attendance at school became so bad that he was recently expelled.

“My brother was upset about his son’s behaviour and he always complained about it to him and tried to stop him from playing on his computer. I believe his son could not stand it any longer that he grabbed the knife and stabbed him.”

The boy was arrested by the police shortly after his alleged crime when he was discovered at his friend’s resident.

Police Captain Somsak Rittikul said that the the teenager has been uncooperative and refused to answer questions.

He said: “The boy is seriously stressed about the incident he has refused to talk to anyone in the interrogation room.

“He will be sent to the juvenile detention home before going to the juvenile court and perhaps there will be no re-enactment as it would only bring more grief to the family.”

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