Furious Wife Catches Husband With His Mistress

This is the astonishing moment a furious wife catches her bus driver husband at work his mistress and attacks them in front of shocked passengers.

The woman in a black shirt and denim shorts flagged down the jeepney passenger vehicle in Quezon City, the Philippines on October 6.

She saw her husband, the driver, with his lover sitting in his lap as he ferried passengers round the city. The mistress is wearing pink shirt and white baseball cap.

The outraged wife – who appeared to have been following him amid suspicious he was having an affair – then launched into a five minute long attack on the couple.

She is heard screaming: ”I thought you already broke up with her!’

The wife throws several punches at the pair, as the mistress retaliates with kicks to her stomach and legs to try to hold her back. The two women are seen pulling each other’s hair as they yell insults at each other.

Pedestrians from outside the bus try to pull away the he angry wife, but continues, climbing into the passenger area and hitting the mistress with a rubbish bin.

She is heard saying: ”You are a shameless woman! I’m going to punch you in the face if you don’t leave! I am the wife, please someone take this woman away.

”This is my husband, you are trying to steal him form me. Get away form him, leave us alone. You are not beautiful, you are an animal.”

Passengers awkwardly disembarked after watching the domestic tiff for several minutes.

Onlooker Ace Managuit said: ”I thought it was quite funny to watch. The wife was very, very angry. But it was awkward for the passengers. I hope they get their problems sorted out quickly so normal service can resume.”

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