Fruit Seller Attacks Council Workers Over Fees

This woman selling fruit wasn’t happy when council workers asked her to move her stall.

Apparently she’d come to an ‘agreement’ with the previous official that she would pay a discounted rate of 300 baht a month for the spot in Nonthaburi.

But when the old fella retired, new staff came in and demanded she pay the going rate of 1,300 baht.

She was having none of it, they asked her to move, and she responded by waving a knife at them and throwing a shard of glass at the younger of the two.

Thai Rath caught up with her, named as Yon Yanapan, 37, and she apologised for hurling glass that injured a worker.

But she was defiant about using the road to sell pieces of watermelon and mango. She said nobody was listening to her side of the story.

The council and police are now working to find a resolution.

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