Frenchman Arrested For Stealing Huawei P30

A French tourist was caught by angry locals after this audacious theft when he tried to steal a smartphone from a phone shop.

Meriem Laurent, 40, walked into the store in Pattaya, Thailand, last night at 9pm posing as a customer and asked to see the new Huawei P30.

But moments later he ripped the handset from its holder and fled – only to be set upon by furious shopkeepers.

Several passers-by helped to restrain the man before police arrived and arrested him for ‘’theft at night’’. He was later charged with visa related offences.

Lieutenant General Jaropwan Thongsang, Deputy Governor of Pattaya City, said officers arrived at the scene after being told a foreigner had tried to steal a phone.

He said: ‘’At the scene we found shopkeepers and many Good Samaritans controlling the suspect. He was later identified as Meriem Laurent, 40, of French nationality.

‘’Surveillance cameras showed the suspect stealing a Huawei brand, model P30, blue color, number 1, worth 31,900 baht.

‘’He was also found to be staying in the Kingdom without permission. He will be prosecuted according to the legal process.’’

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