French Tourist Runs Over Taxi Roof In Pattaya

This is the bizarre moment a drunk tourist stuns onlookers when he runs over the roof of a taxi.

The man in shorts and t-shirts was spotted slurring his words in the street after having an argument with people in the street.

A motorcyclist tries to calm him down but moments later he makes an odd dash for freedom – leaping onto the bonnet of the taxi and across the roof.

The tourist runs over the taxi roof in Pattaya

The tourist runs over the taxi roof in Pattaya

The bizarre behavior left onlookers bemused

The bizarre behavior left onlookers bemused

The cabbie looks up in astonishment as the tourist – believed to be Russian- clambers across his vehicle while passersby watch in Pattaya, Thailand.

He then ran away laughing – only for a few minutes as police quickly caught up with him and arrested

Onlooker Cleopatra Anthony recorded the clip on her smartphone.

She said: ”The man seem to be from Russia and he looked like he was drunk or he had taken drugs.

”He was causing a disturbance in the street, having an argument with people.

”Then suddenly he just ran across the roof of the taxi. Nobody can quite explain why.

”The driver was looking up at him in shock. He climbed down the other side and tried to run away.

”But the police caught him. He was taken to the cells to calm down and the police thanked me for recording a video as evidence.

”The taxi driver was disappointed but he didn’t want compensation for damages to his vehicle.

”I want the world to see how badly some tourists behave when they’re on holiday in Thailand. It’s not nice and it has to stop.”

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