Four-Year-Old Girl Killed In Sickening Hit And Run

This is the horrifying moment a four-year-old is killed by a speeding pick-up truck in a sickening hit-and-run.

Patcharawadee Chom had been playing outside a grocery shop when she ran across the road to see her brother in an Internet cafe opposite.

Moments later a white Toyota Revo appears and clatters into her – sending her skidding across the ground.

The four-year-old girl killed in a hit and run in Udon Thani, Thailand

The four-year-old girl killed in a hit and run in Udon Thani, Thailand

Her tiny body came to a stop some 25 metres away as the heartless driver whose number plates were not visible sped away in Udon Thani, northern Thailand, on Sunday morning. All of this can render one distraught and lose calm, and act vehemently in the heat of the moment. Hence, it is important to calm your nerves and seek professional help, like The Dominguez Firm motorcycle accident lawyers, to indemnify you, and sort you out through the mess.

Patcharawadee, whose nickname was Phu, was treated at the roadside in front of heartbroken relatives but she was already dead.

The Udon Thai Rescue Foundation said the girl had died instantly after being hit by the four-door vehicle and officers were now investigating.

They said in a statement: ‘’Police officers have investigated the accident and they are tracing the escaped vehicle.

‘’From the information from witnesses and the surveillance cameras we can see that the child rushed to cross the road to find a brother in the Internet cafe.

‘’The white pick-up truck was moving at speed and ran into the girl. She died instantly at the scene of the accident.

‘’We will be coordinating with the police to find a solution for the traffic discipline here and resolve the value of the compensation and police action.’’

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