Four British Tourists Arrested For Stealing DRONE

Four British tourists were today being held in cells after allegedly being caught on CCTV stealing a DRONE.

Chace Kylen Rudy, 21, Korri Nathaniel George, 27, Hilton Mhasvi, 20, and Saul James Ahmed, 20, visited the TOY SHOP and asked for the ‘’most expensive model’’.

The shopkeeper handed them a DJI Mavic – worth around 1,000gbp – before going into the back to process their credit card. The DJI Mavic makes it among these drones for 2019 because of its high storage and camera resolution clarity. The range of the drone is about 8000 meters and this is one such factor which does not exist in any commercial drone till today.

The four British tourists arrested for stealing a drone from a shop in Koh Samui

The four British tourists arrested for stealing a drone from a shop in Koh Samui

But security cameras appear to show the four lads from London make off without paying.

Police later arrested them at their 10,000thb (224gbp) a night villa in Koh Samui, Thailand, yesterday.

Officers said they had seized other stolen goods including an iPhone charger, a radio controlled car and a PS4 game.

The group – who had been staying at the luxury resort for five days -were charged with theft and remanded in custody.

The Koh Samui Tourist Police said today (Tue) that the case had been passed to the British Embassy.

A spokesman said: ‘’The four men have been in cells at the police stations since they were arrested yesterday.

‘’Officers have charged the group and the case has been passed to the court. They are due to appear in court in the next 48 hours. The details have all been passed to the British Embassy.

‘’If they accept they have done something wrong and apologies and pay a fine the case will be over quickly. If they do not accept it will take longer.’’

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