Former Police Worker Found Dead In Thailand

A former British police worker has been found dead in Thailand after falling from a fourth floor balcony hours after visiting a karaoke bar.

Stuart Railton, 54, moved to the country a year ago after leaving Lancashire Constabulary, according to his Linkedin profile.

He lived in Udon Thani, northern Thailand, and returned to his apartment on Wednesday at 3.20am local time after visiting his favourite karaoke bar in the city’s nightlife district.

Stuart Railton, 54, found dead in Udon Thani after falling from a balcony

Stuart Railton, 54, found dead in Udon Thani after falling from a balcony

But security guards at the ‘Top Mansion’ apartment block heard a loud thud after he plunged from his room. His body was found at 04.45am local time.

Police searched the room and discovered empty beer bottles, two bottles of ”unknown medicine” and a pool of urine on the balcony where they believe he had been to the toilet before losing his balance and falling over the rail.

Security guard Pichit Burawad, 44, said: ”We heard a loud noise and thought a signboard had fallen off.

”On the ground of the parking area, we found the body of a foreigner.”

Forensic officers found Stuart in a pool of blood while police who checked the room said there was no sign of a struggle.

They said he suffered a fractured skull, neck, and left arm.

Pol Lt Ginyotin Sapsin, from Mueang Udon Thani Provincial Police Station, said that they had questioned staff who told them that Stuart regularly visited the karaoke bar.

He added: ”On the day of the incident, Mr Railton came back alone from the bar at around 03:20 and went up to his room as usual.

”We inspected room 420 on the 4th floor where Mr Railton had been staying.

”We believe that the deceased was drunk and fell while he was urinating on or from the balcony.”

Pol Lt Ginyotin said that two bottles of the unknown medicine collected from the fridge had been taken for examination.

He added: ”We’re going to send the bottles to the lab to determine what kind of medicine it contains.”

Stuart describes himself as an accountant who worked in various finance departments at Lancashire Constabulary between November 1998 and December 2015.

He wrote on LinkedIn that he was ”seeking permanent or contract work in Thailand” and he had previously taken ”voluntary redundancy”.

Bangkok XL’s story was published in the Daily Mail

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