Flooded road? No problem! Just Get The JETSKI

This is the hilarious moment a thrill-seeker makes the most of a flooded road – by riding his JETSKI.

The adrenaline junkie wheeled out his machine after heavy monsoon rains turned the highway into a 30cm deep river.

Shocked pedestrians watched him hit almost 40mph as he raced along the road in Phetchaburi, Thailand on Wednesday afternoon.

Man Rides Jet Ski On Flooded Road

The man – who has not been identified – speeds down the right hand lane which is totally clear with just an open stretch of water.

He then turns back around and overtakes the cars gridlocked by the water as onlookers burst out laughing.

Mechanic Oli Tanyarat Pitayakit recored the bizarre scene outside the garage where he works while waiting for the water to subside.

He said: ”The flood came. But this man showed there was no need to cause drama or stress.”

The clip went viral after being shared online – racking up almost a million views in under 24 hours.

Thailand is at the height of the rainy season with heavy rains every day flooding roads and bringing traffic to a halt.

Earlier this month a motorcyclist was swept away while trying to ride his bike through flash floods in Pattaya while a hungry tourist showed he wasn’t affected by downpours as he calmly finished his barbecue buffet in the midst of the tropical storms.

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