Flight Delayed After Passenger Raids Bags

A flight was delayed after a man caught his fellow passenger going through his bag’s content such as cash and documents.

Faiz Mokhtar was about to return to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam when one of his business partners alerted him that another passenger got his bag from inside the overhead cabin.

“I went to the man’s seat and caught him off guard going through my bag and his left hand holding some of my foreign notes currency (EURO and USD, which I am 100% sure are mine), looking like he was about to keep them in his pocket,” said Mokhtar.

The bag was thoroughly checked for other lost items, or if the suspect had implanted illegal items “in an attempt to use him as a transporter for drug mule syndicates.”

“Apparently, the crew informed us, there is a syndicate that has been conducting this modus operandi on China, Hong Kong and Vietnam flights,” says Mokhtar.

Mokhtar reported the incident to the stewardess and the man was forced to depart the plane. The suspect is from Hong Kong and is flying to Malaysia with no return ticket.

Because of his experience, Mokhtar says that other passengers still need to be careful of their belongings even when they are already on-board the plane.

“This syndicate is quite bold because once in-flight, there is no cctv footage as proof, and the conflict of which laws of the land should be applied as they’re considered to be in international zone,” he said.

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