Fish Feeding Frenzy Over Pork And Banana

These hungry fish go berserk for their favourite supper – pieces of pork fat, fig and dried BANANA.

The catfish are kept at a farm in Bangkok, Thailand, have developed a rampant appetite for the bizarre ”secret” recipe.

Owner Khun Tiratam says the mixture drives his fish wild – and makes them grow faster and stronger in just a few weeks.

Amazing video shows the fish spark a massive feeding war as the splash around desperate to get their grub.

Tiratam said: ”The fish love their new food. I’ve never seen them go crazy for their dinner like this.

”It’s a secret recipe mixing pork fat, fig and pieces of dried banana. There are other ingredients but I can’t say those, they’re a secret.

”The food for the fish depends a lot on the location and climate. So in different parts of the country they are fed different.

”But this food has made my fish get strong and big very, very quickly.”

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