Ice-Cool Fireman ‘Snake Whisperer’ Catches King Cobra

This is the incredible moment a rescuer dubbed the ”snake whisperer” calmly catches a killer King Cobra terrorising a woman in her garden.

Puk Pinyo, 45, was called after Bunnita Patchana, 25, found the serpent in running wild in the garden after moving into a new house in Bangkok, Thailand.

The expert handler – who refuses to wear protective gloves – finds the killer reptile hiding in a plant pot and prods it out with a large stick then slaps its tail.

Th serpent recoils preparing to strike but ice-cool Puk fixes a gaze straight into the snake’s eyes and lifts it into a sack.

The remarkable footage has gone viral after being viewed more than 2.5 million times since Bunnita filmed the rescue on Friday.

She said: ”I was terrified when I saw the snake in the garden. But I rang Puk and he was really calm. He knew exactly what to do.

Puk catches snake

Puk catches snake

Bunnita found the cobra in her garden

Bunnita found the cobra in her garden

”Cobras are one of the scariest of all snakes. Nobody can quite believe how well Puk handles it.

”The video has been watched millions of times. It’s amazing.”

Puk who has been a professional snake rescuer for 15 years said it was ”all in a day’s work”.

He said: ”I have been working with snakes for a long time. I used to catch them when I was a kid and play around them.

”Then I found the job to do it when I got older. Before I was scared when a big one came but now I d it so much it’s easy.

”There’s a certain technique to stay calm, look into their eyes, and control your energy. I’ve had to perfect the technique.

”Watch the snake’s movement and predict how it will react. Always stay one move ahead of the snake.

”The cobras are particularly dangerous and they can kill with one bite. There are so many in people’s gardens that I get a lot of cools about them.”

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