Filipino Woman, 27, With No Legs Banned From Building For Wearing Shorts

A woman with no legs was refused access to a government building because jobsworths complained her shorts broke rules on formal clothing.

Nancy Boroc, 27, was born without legs due to a congenital defect and is unable to wear trousers – as she has no limbs below her thighs.

But officials turned her away when she visited the Bureau of Internal revenue office in Calbayog City, the Philippines, on August 6, to do paperwork.

Nancy said that she was stopped at the guard house and refused entry because she was wearing shorts – breaking the building’s ”new formal clothing policy”.

Disabled Nanu said she wears shorts most of the time as they are the most practical clothing for her condition.

She said: “Because of my legs, I can only wear shorts. It’s also more convenient for me because of the rainy season. I asked him why and he informed me that they have a new memorandum to follow.

“I went home again and changed into a long-sleeved shirt. However, I did not wear pants because of my condition. I was able to enter the second time. I do not know what changed the guard’s mind.”

Nancy said she will not file a formal complaint to the tax office.

“I don’t want to rant and to complain. I just want people to be more understanding of persons with disabilities. I hope I can help spread awareness.

”I hope people are more aware of the struggles we have to go through and they are accommodating and understanding.”

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