Filipino Teenager Facing Life In Prison Over Drugs Bust

This teenager was today facing life in prison after being allegedly cuaght selling drugs to an undercover policeman.

Riza Mae Cabigon, 18, was allegedly caught carrying bags of illegal drugs worth 1 million pesos (14,000GBP) during a sting operation led by the local police on June 9 in Cebu City, Philippines.

The teenager, who is studying computer programming at college, is currently detained at the Cebu City Police station.

Officers said they seized from her three bags of ‘shabu’ or methamphetamine weighing a total of 85 grams. Also confiscated was a piece of medium-sized pack of shabu, three smaller pieces of shabu and the equivalent of 70GBP in cash.

Cabigon pleaded not guilty to the charges and said that a certain a boyfriend had left the bags in her room during the drug operation.

However, she took responsibility of the 5,000 pesos cash found beside with the bags of shabu, saying that her possessions got mixed up because of the commotion.

She faces a sentence of up to life imprisonment and a fine up to 500,000 pesos (7,000GBP) if proven guilty.

Speaking from her police cell, Riza said: ”I still have a future. I am a good student and I swear that the illegal drugs were not mine.

”I’m excited about graduation. I already bought shoes for the occasion. I really did my best in school so that I could graduate and now I’m in jail. I want to get out of here

”They searched my room and didn’t find anything there. But they found drugs in the other room and arrested me, they also did a hair follicle test and found out I had consumed drugs previosuly.”

Cebu City Police Office confirmed that Riza had been arrested after being found in possession of shabu drugs.

Superintendent Cristopher Navida, chief of the City Intelligence Branch, however, said that Cabigon can disposed of more than 15 grams of illegal drugs in their area.

She said: ”She was confident that she wouldn’t get caught but we placed them under months of surveillance, which proved positive.”

Navida said that Cabigon stood her ground that the shabu didn’t belong to her at first but later admitted that she knew of the illegal drug dealings.

He added: ”Drug users and pusher alike were in and out of their place. She and another drug personality we have yet to catch didn’t sell only a small quantity of shabu, but they transacted drugs 15 grams and up.

”They thought that they could hide from us because they have a good face to play the victim? Our information was validated. She was disposing of drugs.”

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