Filipino Mother Has Huge Tumour On Her Back

This exhausted mother has been carrying a tumour the size of a bin bag on her back for the last 12 years.

Maria Fe Olberon, 51, from, Leyte in the Philippies, first noticed the small cyst on her lower back in 20106.

She said it started as “soft, circular-shaped muscles” before just before she was pregnant with her fourth and youngest child.

The mother-of-one had an operation but after giving birth the growth returned – and rapildy ballooned.

Maria said: ”I had an operation years ago before I got pregnant with my 12-year-old son. After I gave birth to my youngest, it came back.”

The housewife said her cysts would sometimes be very painful depending on the weather.

She takes painkillers and antibiotics to relieve the pain instead of going to the hospital because they could not afford it.

Her husband, Arturo Olberon, 52, wants to help her get medical care, but he does not have a steady income to keep up with the medical expenses.

Maria added: ”My husband is only a farmer, and he does not own his land. He is a farm worker. If there is no work available on other people’s farm, we also don’t have income,”

The cysts had grown to a size of a bed pillow which causes her back pains every day as she has to haul it round with her everywhere she goes.’

Maria Fe is now pleading that people help her to carry her burden

She added: ”I want to have a normal life again. We are poor so we have asked people for help and we are saving money for an operation.”

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