Filipino ladyboy beauty queen, 27, found mysteriously dead in her apartment

Police were investigating today after a Filipino transgender beauty queen was found dead inside her apartment.

Kyle Estrela, 27, was discovered by her landlord in her room in Caloocan City, the Philippines on December 7. Her decomposing body was sprawled across her bed.

The landlord said that neighbours complained about a foul smell coming from the apartment so he went to inspect. 

Kyle’s sister, Lady Carissa Celi, said: ”They said in the autopsy that she has no head wound, stab wound, and her organs already failed.”

The postmortem examination report found that Kyle had been dead for at least four days before she was found.

Medics could not determine the cause of death because the body was already in an advanced state of decomposition.

Kyle had blood marks on her body that dripped onto her bed. Her bloodied clothes were also found inside the toilet.

Caloocan City police chief Colonel Noel Flores said that there was no indication of forced entry into her apartment. 

He said: ”Everything is still under investigation, we are not yet ruling out any possibility. There is no evidence yet of foul play and we are also asking for the medical records of the deceased to check if she was sick.”

The police chief said officers are also looking into Kyle’s online activity to find any connection to her death.

He added: ”We are looking at the people who knew Kyle and who was close to her to find any information about what happened before her death.”

Kylel’s brother, Daryl Estrella, said that he had noticed an excessive weight loss in his sister in recent months. He said the family are also open to possibilities that Kyle could have just been sick.

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