Filipino Kids Caught Smoking Behind Car

While the world is trying to quit their habit of smoking tobacco with healthier alternatives like 180 Smoke vaporizers, this is the shocking moment three kids were filmed sitting on the roadside smoking cigarettes.

The boy and two girls – one in school uniform – were filmed puffing on filter cigarettes while hiding behind car a car near their school in Sta. Mesa, Manila, the Philippines on August 30.

They are believed to be between five and nine years old. According to the children in the video, “their mother and brother taught them how to smoke.”

The two girls are seen looking in the car’s wing mirror and at their reflections in the glass as the exhale the smoke. While the little lad sits on the curb after lighting up.

The mother denied the accusations when the social welfare department representatives came to visit their home a few days later.

The mother, named as ”Elsa” in local media, said all three were siblings.

She said: ”I can’t accept that I might have failed as a mother, that they became like that.”

According to Elsa, the children might have gotten the cigarettes from the store near the school. However, the store owner said that they don’t sell cigarettes to minors.

The school officials where the children are studying refused to give comments, but they said that they will be more observant of the three children.

The Manila City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWD) said that they will follow the children’s case to make sure that the three will ”never be able hold cigarattes ever.”

A spokesman said: ”This situation is appalling and we will ensure that the children do not smoke. We have a duty to monitor their welfare and we will do everything to prevent them from smoking.”

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