Filipino Girl Causes Outrage In Singapore With Skimpy Dress

A young Filipino girl caused outraged in Singapore by wearing a skimpy dress in public.

Freelance model Ashley Garcia, 21, was pictured in the loose-fitting cream blouse at the Somerset MRT station on February 9.

Onlookers were able to see a large amount of ‘side boob’ without any bra, while from behind her bottom seemed to be visible through the pink cotton dress.

Ashley Garcia causes outrage with skimpy dress in Singapore

Ashley Garcia causes outrage with skimpy dress in Singapore

Pictures of the woman were posted online where locals criticised her for wearing the clothing in public. Ms Chen said: ”This is not fashionable, this is obscene.”

Lawyers even said that she could be questioned by police if there was a complaint about it.

Fu Zhaoming told Chinese media: ”If her behaviour causes public dissatisfaction, causing someone to report a complaint, her behaviour may be treated as a public nuisance.”

ashley garcia

However, other locals said that the girl appeared to be wearing the minimal clothing because the weather was hot.

Francis Ang said: ”As long as her nipples are covered it’s ok.”

Christopher Bong added: ”Absolutely nothing wrong with her dressing, it has been very warm and hot the last few days. Moreover all her vitals were tastefully covered.”

Ashley responded to the criticism and claimed she was ”cyber-bullied” over the pictures. She said she was wearing ”nipple tapes” at the time.

ashley garcia


She said: ”I was not aware that somebody took a photo of me. I apologise if I offended any culture with this outfit, but, please understand that I do not have any obscene or malicious intention by wearing it.

”I am sorry if you think that this was an ‘indecent exposure’ but, it was not my intention. To those people who are already hitting me below the belt and criticising me for something, I respect you.

”You are already telling things which are too personal that is already outside of what you see in the picture. I was already cyber shamed, bullied and threatened by several people because of this.”

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