Female Shopkeeper Pulls A GUN On Dumb Robber

This dopey robber picked on the shop keeper after the petite woman locked him in the store – and pulled out a GUN.

The flip-flop wearing man asked to see gold jewelry for his wife then pocketed three rings worth around £2,000 from the counter when the owner’s back was turned.

He tried to run away but the quick-thinking goldsmith had already remotely locked the glass door after becoming suspicious.

The shop keeper in a short black dress then reached below the counter and whipped out a six-round pistol before holding it with at the terrified crook’s head.

He sheepishly apologies, bows and puts his hands together in a praying motion as he tries to walk away.

But the woman, who does not want to be named, held him up while he police arrived in Hat Yai, southern Thailand.

Friend Khun Jittin, 31, who is also a gold shop owner and was attacked in the same day, said: ”There had already been one or two different robberies in the city on the same do so everybody was already being extra careful.

”My shop was stolen from on the same day. We caught the thief but it looks like there were others going around.

”My friend told me that when the crook man came in she knew that he looked bad and she was prepared for some kind of trouble.

”She already locked the door automatically with a switch under the counter and she had her gun close.

”The man had about three rings laid out on the counter and then he asked to see something from the shelf behind her.

”He grabbed the rings and tried to run away when she wasn’t looking, but she already had predicted this danger and took precautions.

”Unfortunately she was a bit shaken up by the attack and took the rest of the day off work.

”There no way that these kind of people should be allowed to get away with it.”

A police spokesman said they had made an arrest but had not charged anybody yet.

He said: ”We’re still investigating this and looking at the CCTV to check exactly what happened.”

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