Father Keeps Nine-Year-Old Son In Wooden Cage

This nine-year-old boy from Krabi has been living in a wooden cage for the last FIVE YEARS.

The lad suffered a head injury in a car crash and after that his behaviour changed, according to his fatherĀ  Chamnan Duangjan, 38.

The rubber plant worker said he struggled to cope with the boy, who would often run away into nearby forest, putting himself in danger.

Chamnan decided to build the two 8ft x 7ft structure fearing he was not safe to be left alone while he was out working.

Chamnan now locks the youngster – who does attend to school – in the pen every morning before taking him back into the house at night time.

It’s a sad situation as it seems like there’s no malice in the father’s actions – more a case of desperation and not having the money, resources or education to properly care for the boy.

After the pictures emerged this week on social media, the local authorities got involved and offered to help the father find a permanent solution – starting with donations.

Let’s hope there’s a happy ending and some proper care given for the boy. That wooden cage looks awfully unpleasant.

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