Father Beats Daughter With Leather BELT

This is the shocking moment a father takes off his leather belt and hits his daughter with the STRAP – because she didn’t finish her dinner.

The man in denim jeans and jacket was furious when his young girl wouldn’t stop crying when he asked her to finish her bowl of noodles.

He takes off his belt and straps her three times across the legs and once on her head in front of half-a-dozen people sitting at the table.

Shockingly, nobody tries stop him and the food stall owner carries on cooking ‘bun cha’ noodles at the stall in Vietnam.

Nisanat Wongthong, who posted the clip online, said: ”How can any man do this to his daughter? He is like an animal.

”She was crying because he shouted at her. She didn’t want to eat her food and he attacked her in public and made her cry even more.

”It’s very sad to see. The mother should have stopped him but she stayed there. Other people were afraid to sop him.”

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