Family Killed After Train Stalls On Level Crossing

Two parents and their 11-year-old-son were killed when their car stalled on a level-crossing and was hit by an oncoming train.

The family of three and another older relative were driving to a temple when they were crushed on the unguarded railway in Nakorn Sawan, central Thailand on March 20.

The mother, Busaraporn Padungjit, 49, her husband, Chaweewan Klingboon, 55, and the son Tanadol Padungjit, 11, were found dead at the scene. Narumol Padungjit, 60, was seriously injured.

Witnesses told police hat the pickup truck had stalled on the railway track and the driver, Busaraporn, attempted to reverse when the family saw the train coming towards them.

The truck driver repeatedly sounded his horn but the vehicle could not get off the railway as there were several vehicles behind it. The train then slammed straight into the cabin sending it spinning off the tracks onto a nearby grass bank.

Rescuers arrived and took Narumol to the hospital. The train was delayed for about an hour after the collision, waiting for a replacement, while the train driver was taken in for questioning.

The train driver, who was not named, said that he saw the car approaching the crossing but the train was coming at the very high speed and it could not be stopped.

He was also surprised to see the truck trying to turn around instead of moving forward.

He said: ”I did not know why the driver did not drive forward off the track but instead tried to reverse, even though she knew that there were other vehicles closely behind.”

Police from Takhli police district are investigating the incident and looking for more evidence from the CCTV.

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