Family Kill Witch Doctor Over Constipation Curse

A family were arrested after allegedly hiring a hitman to shoot a WITCH DOCTOR 15 times in the BOTTOM as revenge for a curse making people constipated.

Conjurer Sangmanee Jaratfah, 61, was contacted by villagers in Omkoi, a remote district in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, to lift a curse causing bowel problems.

Athipan Ratcharoem, 40, believed that the occult master could cure his consitpation and visited him with wife Tang-yu Ratcharoem, 39, and niece Somporn Ratcharoem, 26.

The Thai husband, wife and younger nephew who killed a witch doctor over a constipation curse

The Thai husband, wife and younger nephew who killed a witch doctor over a constipation curse

But the black magic sorcerer demanded 100,000 Thai baht (2,230GBP) to remedy it – sparking suspicious that he was actually the man responsible for the curse.

A row erupted and the relatives then blamed Sangmanee for a decade-old spell cast on Somporn’s father – who also had similar bowel problems – who died several days after visiting a mysterious witch doctor in 2007.

The three relatives were later arrested after the body of Sangmanee was found in in a forest with 15 gunshot wounds in his bottom, which they believed would lift the constipation curse.

The couple and their neice confessed to the crime and said they had paid three million Thai baht (68,000GBP) for a hit man to carry out the shooting.

Somporn said in a statement that his father had died after a curse was placed on him and the spell was still causing problems for the family.

Police from the Omkoi station said the family had killed Sangmanee in revenge and believed that shooting him in the bottom would cure the curses on the family.

Deputy Commander Pat Pong Yasin said they were gathering evidence before charging the family and committing them to court. They had been remanded in custody.

He said: ‘’The relatives have confessed to paying someone to shoot the doctor. Now we have to look at all of the evidence before they can be charged.

‘’The victim was involved with the occult. He was found lying dead near his car by staff who work in the forest protection on April 21 at 11.30am.

‘’The family said they paid 3,000,000 baht for a hitman from Udon. There is a long dispute that we must understand first.”

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