Epileptic Driver ‘Has Seizure’ And Kills Two In Crash

CCTV captured the moment a driver had an EPILEPTIC FIT at the wheel – killing two people as his truck ploughed into road users in a horror crash this morning.

Akkaradej Udomrat, 44, had been driving a black pick-up truck when he says he ‘’passed out’’ and suddenly veered into a line of oncoming motorcycle riders.

The truck caused carnage as it continued forward crushing to death two of the riders, killing a dog, and leaving two others seriously injured and 13 needing hospital treatment.

Pattaya car crash driver epileptic man has seizure kills two injuries 15

Akkaradej – who had to be saved after an angry mob set upon him – told police he suffered an epileptic fit while driving in Pattaya at 7am.

He said: ‘’I have no recollection of what happened. I have no senses from the time. This is a recurrent problem.

‘’I had a seizure when this happened, like being in a trance. I did not feel anything when it happened. It is just blank. I just noticed after that the car had crashed.’’

Pattaya car crash driver epileptic man has seizure kills two injuries 15

Onlooker Noi Anupun said: ‘’I was in car on the other side of the road. We saw what happened, it was a very, very bad crash. It looked like the driver did not know what he did.

‘’I cannot believe it happened, there were bodies on the floor. People were crying. It was like a nightmare.

”Me and my husband stopped to help people. It was chaos, because people were trying to get the driver, swearing at him and trying to beat him.”

Pol Lt Col Suwat Chotechuang from Pattaya police station said Akkaradej had been tested for alcohol but none was found in his body.

He said: ‘’Mr Akkaradej has been taken into custody to be interviewed while officers investigate the accident. It is only fair to both him and the victims that we conduct the legal process fairly.

‘’We have gathered CCTV footage which shows his black Isuzu truck hitting the motorcycles. They were spread out across the road after the crash.

‘’Many of the injured people were young students going to school. Two people died and 15 are injured.’’

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