Dutchman ‘Killed Thai Ex-Girlfriend’s Mum And Brother’

A Dutchman has been arrested after his ex-girlfriend’s mother and her son were found stabbed to death at their home in a suspected revenge double murder.

Rene Meeuwissen, 53, (also named as Rene Meewisser in Thai media) as was taken to hospital on Monday night with an injured hand after telling locals in a remote village in Surin, northeast Thailand, he had been in a motorcycle accident.

But the next morning  at 7.30am Noi Sadomsuk, 57, and her son Phatcharin, 30, were found dead in a bloodbath at their home with more than 20 stab wounds.

Officers were told by locals about the foreigner the previous evening and pounced on Rene at the local hospital where he had been photographed the night before by the good samaritan who helped him but was suspicious of his story.

Relatives of the victims claimed Rene had been in a relationship with Jiratchaya Sadomsuk, 33, one of the siblings but became angry after she dumped him.

He allegedly launched the savage attack after giving Jiratchaya a gold necklace but was resentful that she would not return it then tried to get it back from her mother before killing her and her son in a struggle.

The dead woman’s daughter Waree, 20, said: ‘’I knew that my sister had been together with this man and he came here last year. They spilt up and tried many times to contact her but she wanted to get away from him.

‘’He made threats to her and warned her to be careful. She told us she was worried about him coming here.

”He was angry and asked her for a gold necklace back or give him money for it. I think that he went to the house and argued with our mother and tried to take back the necklace then killed them.”

Police arrived at the scene at around 9.30am in the Sawai district of the rural province.

They found both the front and side doors of the building had been opened with blood splattered on the area outside the home.

The body of the mother was found on the driveway next to the family car while the son was dead on the kitchen floor.

A black rucksack containing two knifes, a phone, glasses, and brone ornamental statues was found in the garden.

Police said they were ‘’100 per cent certain’’ a Dutch man murdered his ex-girlfriend’s mother and son after an argument at their home.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Chetsucha Kraikaewchotirat said Meeuwissen, went to the family home but could not find his former partner Jiratchaya Sadomsuk, 33.

He said: ”There is only one possible motive for the murders. They used to date. There was some disagreement between them and he could not find her at the home.

‘’The suspect said he injured his arm in a motorcycle accident but we don’t believe him. The wounds are deep cuts, they are not from a motorcycle crash.

‘’There is a majority of evidence that the murders were done by him. Officers are waiting for DNA tests from blood at the scene and we are sure that when that is released it is 100 per cent certain.’’

Police Lieutenant Colonel Chetsucha Kraikaewchotirat said officers found two dead bodies at the scene which have been sent for post mortem examinations.

He said: ‘’Police arrived and discovered two dead bodies. One woman had been stabbed more than 10 times in the stomach and not far away from her was the body of a man.

‘’He was lying face down, bloodied and wounded. He had also been stabbed more than ten times with a sharp knife.

‘’They are both believed to have been dead more than five hours. There were bloodstains throughout the house and traces of fighting.

‘’Witnesses said that a foreign man had been taken to Surin hospital the night before. They took photos of him as evidence.

‘’The suspect Rene Meeuwissen was detained at the hospital and is being questioned on suspicion of the murders while police are in the process of gathering all of the evidence band filing a prosecution lawsuit in accordance with the legal process.’’

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