Drunk Tourist Wrestled To The Ground By Six Cops

This is the dramatic moment six pounces wrestled a drunken tourist to the ground after he started throwing products off a supermarket shelf.

The tall Norwegian man was seen scaring passers-by as he stumbled along the road in front of the beach in Pattaya on November 5.

He was kicking tress and mumbling obscenities to himself before walking into a nearby Family Mart store.

However, the shop was just yards from the police station and officers arrived with re-inforcements to take down ”troublemaker” and frogmarch him to a cell to sober up.

Lieutenant Colonel Chainarong Chai-inrong said: ”We were notified of a tall man causing trouble in front of the police station. He continued walking around and we followed him.

”He kicked a car and did not settle down, then walked into convenience store and destroyed the products.

”The officers were afraid he would cause a danger to the public so we acted quickly and arrested him. There were no documents on him only to say he had Norwegian citizenship.

”He was very drunk and we took him to a cell to calm down and prevent the disturbance to other people.”

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