Drunk Russian Woman Flashes Vagina After Fighting With Indians

This is the disgusting moment a drunk Russian woman flashed her VAGINA and spat at passers-by after being arrested then yelling ”help me Mother Russia”.

Ekaterina Latypova, 26, and her boyfriend Ismail Ismailov, 32, had been waiting for a taxi on Saturday night in Pattaya when they started arguing with a group of Indian men.

Ismail accused the men of leering at his pretty wife’s hour-glass figure before a fracas erupted. Onlookers said the brunette began hitting the holidaymakers with a her half-empty bottle of beer before her husband threw punches.

Passers-by ran for cover and called police who arrived at 11pm and handcuffed the Russian woman in the burgundy dress. She screamed ”help me Russia, I am foreign, help me Russia”.

She then sat down and flashed her vagina before spitting at a motorcycle taxi rider trying to calm her down.

The woman was frogmarched into the back of a police truck where she kissed her husband – who had also been caught – before she then spat at a reporter.

They were both driven away to a police cell to sober up before being interviewed on Sunday (11/11) afternoon. They were each fined 1,000 baht (23GBP) for ”fighting in public” and ”injuring another person without cause”.

Onlooker Somchok Thongklaew, 31, said: ”I walked over and I said to the Russians ‘don’t fight with the Indian people’ but then they hit me.

”There were two people, the man and his girlfriend, they were running around and hitting a lot of people. It looked like they were going crazy.

”It started with the woman saying the Indian men were looking at her, then her boyfriend and angry and there was a big fight.”

Lieutenant Colonel Sorasak Pinthong from Pattaya City Police said: ”I was notified of the disturbance at 11pm on Pattayasaisong Road. Many people saw the incident. There were traffic jams caused by the fighting and when police arrived the attackers ran in different directions.

”I was able to pursue and make the arrest. A male of Russian nationality and a woman of the same nationality. They were both drunk and she was shouting something outrageous.

”It was very turbulent but we were able to clear the roads for traffic to return to normal.”

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