Drunk Russian Tourist Falls Through Bar Roof

A drunk Russian tourist had to be treated by paramedics after falling through the roof of a bar.

Landlady Kesaraporn Thaisanta, 31, was in the kitchen when she heard a loud noise from the front yard in Chonburi, Thailand in the early hours of this morning September 26.

The shocked owner went outside where she found the Russian man, Roman Shito, on the floor covered in scratches while mumbling please for her not to hurt him.

Above the tourist was a hole in the tin roof where he had plummeted to the ground – but nobody knows what he was doing up there.

Police arrived with a paramedic team to give the man a first aid. They asked what had happened but he appeared to be drunk and was unable to explain the incident.

Kesaraporn said that she was surprised by the mystery guest dropping through the roof and believes it was an accident.

She said: “When I heard the noise I thought that a cake I had been baking had exploded. ”But when I went outside I found him on the ground murmuring things. I was scared so I called the police.”

The Russian man told police at the scene that he would return later to pay for the damage.

Police at the scene said they were not sure a crime had been committee and he was then allowed to walk away without explaining about how he had fallen through the roof.

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