Drunk Paddy Arrested After Stealing Alcopops

A drunk Irish tourist is hauled into a police truck after pepper spraying checkout girls – to steal cigarettes and ALCOPOPS.

The English-speaking man stormed into the Tesco Lotus store on Tuesday at around 6pm demanding booze.

Staff refused to serve him because he was aggressive and drunk – which sent the grey-haired middle-aged man into a rage.

He fired a bottle of pepper-spary at the two girls before walking behind the counter and grabbing packets of cigarettes and several bottles of ‘Spy Wine Cooler’, a sparkling wine.


But the robber failed in his getaway bid and was caught a few metres after stumbling and falling over outside the store in Pattaya, Thailand.

Footage shows the man, who police said was Irish, handcuffed on the ground spitting and swearing at the reporter while yelling ”hey, f*** you”.

Shaken shop assistant Wassana Haru, 28, said: ”We saw him walking outside then he came in and asked for alcohol.

”He was rude and we told him that we could not serve him because the time was too late already.

”He was not happy and shot the spray at us. My eyes were burning a lot and it hurt, very painful. He walked away but we called the police and they were here so quickly to catch him.”

Officers handcuffed the man who became abusive and began spitting and swearing.

He is heard pleading helplessly ”help me” before yelling ”hey f*** you” in an Irish accent.

Officers hauled him into a truck and fished out the bottle of pepper spray from a sewer where the suspect had tried to hide the evidence.

Lieutenant Chakkrit Chantaramana from Pattaya City Police said the foreigner was held in a cell to sober up before being charged with drunken behaviour.

He said: ”At 6:00 pm on August 29 we were notified that a foreigner had committed a theft from the Lotus store in Central Pattaya.

”At the scene we found employees standing with their hands covering their face. The foreigner had used pepper spray inside the store towards them.

”Officers caught the man outside the shop and he would not say his name and he was very drunk.

”He was taken to a cell and will be charged with drunken behaviour first and there will be further charges after proceedings continue and more evidence is gathered.”

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