Drunk Monk Arrested On Bus To Pattaya

A boozy Buddhist monk is caught by police and publicly defrocked after being told to strip out of his orange robes.

Phitakorn Suthammo, 35, had been travelling on a bus from Rayong to Pattaya in Thailand on Sunday evening.

But passengers complained that he stank of liquor an was shouting obscenities while tearing up money.

Police arrived when the bust stopped and frogmarched him to the temple where he lives before the embarrased abbot defrocked him – and kicked him out of the monkhood.

Footage shows bleary-eyed Phitakorn slurring his words before changing into civilian clothes – and angrily throwing his religious garments to the ground.

drunk monk arrested in Pattaya

The drunk monk arrested in Pattaya

The abbot at the Wat Thamma Samakhee temple said: ‘’This is no example to set for the other monks.”

Officers laughed off the monk’s antics and said he would ‘’regret it when he is sober’’.

One cop told local reporters: ‘’Monks are expected to behave better than this. He had not committed a crime but his behaviour was inappropriate.

‘’He has been punished enough for being defrocked. I’m sure in the morning when he is sober he will regret it.’’

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