Drunk Driving French Tourist Crashes Car In Pattaya

A French tourist was arrested after crashing into a central reservation allegedly while drunk driving.

The man ploughed his red Mitsubishi into the concrete barrier in theBang Lamung district of Chonburi Thailand on Tuesday August 12 night

He was found sprawled on the ground while vomiting and incoherent while passing drivers helped him.


Onlookers called police who arrived at the scene and found the Frenchman throwing up while drinking a bottle of water.

A driver who witnessed the smash says in the video that the car had been driving erratically.



She said: “I saw this red car drive unsteadily before it hit the road barrier. ”Fortunately, the barrier was covered by rubber tires. Otherwise, the man would be probably dead already.”

Police Liutenant Cholawit Athipansi said: ”Now we have gathered footage from the car travelling behind at the time of the crash and CCTV from local buildings.

“We will keep the driver in custody until he is sober and will charge and fine him for drunk driving and breaking state property.”

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