Drunk American’s Pattaya Bender Ends In Pain

A middle-aged American tourist was carried away screaming on a stretcher after claiming to have had his wallet stolen – only to be told it was in his pocket.

Homer Break Kemper, 58, was found sitting in front of a grocery shop with an injured right arm and grazed knees in Pattaya, Thailand, in the early hours of Saturday January 13.

He told the police, with a help of his Cambodian girlfriend, that his wallet containing 2,000THB, 500USD, and credit cards was stolen by a taxi driver.

But sceptical officers had to calmly point out that his wallet was actually in his pocket. He was eventually laid out on stretcher with his arm in a brace – prompting wails of agony as he was carried away.

Homer was heard yelling ”baby hurt bad, baby hurt bad”.

Witnesses said he injured his arm after stumbling while drunk, then claimed he had ”been in a fight with a taxi driver”.

Minimart cashier, Pongsak Sungngern, said that he saw the foreigner walk into the shop with another man before the pair of them walked out together.

He said: ”I saw one man got out of a sedan to use an ATM. After that, he opened the back door and this foreigner walked into the minimart with him.

”Then, that man walked out and drove away. This foreigner tried to follow him but he tripped, so I came to help him.”

Rescuers tried to give first aid but the victim suddenly cried and writhed in pain. It took more than 20 minutes to get him into an emergency vehicle.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Netitorn Rattanasuchanon from Pattaya police station said that they did not believe the American’s story as he was ‘’completely drunk’’.

Lieutenant Colonel Rattanasuchanon added: ‘’He murmured a lot and also went silent for no particular reasons when we asked questions as if he doesn’t know what’s going on as well. We may have to get him sober before asking further questions.

“After all, it could just be the beer talking.’’

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