Driver Speeds Away After Crashing Into Two Motorcyles

This careless driver sends two moped riders flying over his bonnet – then quickly drives away.

The motorist was turning left into a side-road when the two riders came on the inside lane in Undon Thani, northern Thailand.

The clatter with breaks screeching into the front of the grey saloon and go spinning over the engine.


The two mopeds crash into the car and the riders go tumbling over the bonnet

But instead of checking they are not injured, the driver accelerates away prompting outrage from fellow drivers.

Khun Sayksan recorded the scene on his dashcam while driving a few meters behind the accident on November 16.

He said: ”I was driving behind the car and saw this crash. It was really bad manners for him to drive away. It’s a really bad motoring habit.

”He should have stayed to check if the motorcyclists were OK, it doesn’t matter whose fault the crash was.”

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