Driver opens door straight into path of motorcycle rider

This is the shocking moment a motorcycle rider is knocked out by a careless driver opening their door – then ran over by an oncoming car.

Waraphon Dueangkaew, 31, was riding to a market in Chonburi, eastern Thailand, last Friday (17/01) evening when the door was flung open into her path.

The woman smashed into the vehicle and fell into the road. She was then ran over by driver Nonthachai Wongwai, 41, who did not have time to avoid the collision.

Nonthachai quickly pulled over and went to the aid of the injured rider then called paramedics. The shaken driver said he unintentionally hit the woman. 

He said: “I was just driving in my lane. The accident happened so quickly that I attempted to stop the car but I could not.”

Rider Waraphon was rushed to the hospital, but she later succumbed to the head injuries and internal wounds to her abdomen.

Supreechai Yudee, 32, Waraphon’s husband, said he will take his wife’s body back to her home town in Ubon Ratchatani for a funeral.

He said Waraphon rode the the market to buy some food for the new year celebration that evening, but the mishap occurred.

The husband said: “Our family cannot come to terms with this tragic loss just yet. We want both drivers to take some responsibility, because my wife had recently given birth to our first child.”

The driver of the pickup truck that opened the door, Somphong Ranok, 32, told police he parked in front of the launderette but the motorcycle rider hit the door at the moment he tried to leave the vehicle.

He said: “I was getting out of my car to do some laundry and the door was suddenly hit by the motorcycle.”

Police Lieutenant Colonel Winal Trakoonchai, a sub-inspector from Ban Bueng District Police, said officers would use the dash cam video to assess who is at fault.

He said: ”The two drivers will be questioned again about their parts in the accident and we will coordinate with the family about how they would like to proceed.”

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