Driver Emerges Unscathed From Horror Crash

This is the remarkable moment a driver emerges unscathed from a horror motorway smash.

The driver of the white Nissan saloon clipped a pick up truck when it cut in front him while trying to overtake on a highway in Bangkok, Thailand.

The smaller car is pushed sideways before flipping over and skidding on the roof for some 30 metres.

Miraculously, the driver emerges from the smashed front window and runs round to check the damage.

While the man behind the wheels of the truck, Thanawat Sukthawee dashes out to check the man is alright after the accident on Saturday morning on the Kanchanapisek Expressway.

Thanawat’s young son is heard saying “Mummy! Daddy will have to own up to that” as his father rushes out onto the road.

The clip from Thanawat’s dash cam went viral after being shared online – with viewers praising him for not driving away as failing to stop after accidents is common in Thailand.

Friend Aumboon Sukthawee, who shared it online, said: ”It was a very bad smash but thankfully everybody is OK.”

Police Col. Sophon Mongkolsoponrat said four people inside the car suffered minor injuries. The driver was charged with reckless driving.

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