Dozy Truck Driver Pulls Out And Causes Crash

Terrifying dash cam footage captures the moment a family smashed into a truck after it suddenly pulled out in front of them.

Ohm Chosak, 32, was driving on a duel carriageway with his wife and young son when the vehicle went to move into the central reservation on Tuesday afternoon in Sarburi.

But the driver appears not to see the oncoming family vehicle which sounds its horn but has little time to react.

Ohm’s wife Soy screams in terror and despite hitting the brakes at the last second a crash could not be avoided.

Father-of-one Ohm said the car was damaged but not written off and the insurance company would cover the cost.

He said: ‘’We had just been shopping and were driving home when the car in the left lane suddenly turned.

‘’I could not hit the brakes in time. Fortunately we were safe in the car an we weren’t injured. Everyone was safe.’’

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