Doraemon Themed Ambulance In Pattaya

This paramedic came up with a unique way to relax patients – he decorated his ambulance with a Japanese cartoon character.

Volunteer rescue worker Nirand Saengsinchai, 38, had been working with the Paew Yiang Tai Foundation in Chonburi since he was 13.

He bought the ambulance with his own money and spent 50,000 Thai Baht renovating it.

Nirand chose a theme based on popular Japanese character Doraemon and kitted out the inside with matching blue seats and stretchers.

He then furnished the walls with Doraemon cuddly toys, clocks, pictures and lights earlier this year.

Nirand said that the wacky decor cheers up the patients and especially the children when they are picked up from accidents.

He said: ”I’ve been a volunteer since I was a teenager. I love what I do and often people would be upset and stressed after accidents or when they needed to visit hospital.

”I wanted to give something back to the community. So I bought my own ambulance and dedicate my free time to helping people.

”Everybody loves the inside because Doraemon is popular.

”Ambulances are scary inside with the medical equipment. This style makes people a little happier when they are having problems. They relax when they are stressed.”

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