Why Don’t Thai Girls Shave Their Legs?

Anyone with more than a passing experience with Thai girls will have noticed something – many don’t shave their legs. Some might even have asked them why don’t Thai girls shave their legs? I have.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s great that they have a light dusting of fur on their shins. It’s natural and it’s cute, and provides a contrast to the west where women shave and wax their pins obsessively.

Let’s look at the first reason…


Many Thai girls that westerners meet are from the poor north east region of the country. In these villages the women amble round in sarongs, the men take care of the buffalo, and kids pay bare-footed on the dirt. Most houses are made of wooden frames with corrugated iron for roofs and sides, while cooking is done on a gas stove. Shaving legs comes pretty low down on the list of priorities. And it’s just not part of the general culture of being a woman. It’s way behind important stuff like cooking, cleaning, raising children and looking after the man.

The cost

Of course, not all Thai girls are from Isaan. But even those that aren’t, this is a country where the average monthly wage is between $250 and $350. Buying razors, shaving gel and moisturising cream takes up valuable cash that could be used for noodles, the boyfriend’s whisky or for supporting parents.


Genetially Thai women aren’t very hair. Wonderful. Unless you’re married to aunty warewolf, chances are she won’ be rocking the kind of dense forest of pubic hair we see on western women. This means that arm and leg hair is pretty light. It’s not the hideous tangle of thick black wire-like hair we see on the legs of feminists in Europe. On most Thai women their leg hair is actually hardly noticeable. Even when you run your hand along their legs it feels very faint.

So they’re the three main reasons for Why don’t Thai women shave their legs. Yes, there are many that do. I would argue that this is due to the creep of western capitalism into Thailand that has seen the country as a new market for selling women products and bombarded them with magazine and televison ads for razors which show some beautiful light-skinnned woman running her hand across her long silky legs. It’s all rubbish and there’s no way that Thai women would be shaving their legs if they hadn’t seen this kind of thing. And I’ve never met one Thai man who complains about leg hair on a girl.

So there you have it, Thai girls. Keep your leg hair and let it grow wild and free.

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