Doggy Learns A New Trick!

This adorable pet dog shows off his latest trick – sitting down and PRAYING.

The golden retriever called Chayen sidled up to the girl and copied her by perching on his hind legs.

He then keeps his paws in front of his chest like he is praying to Buddhist masters.

Golden Retriever Learns A New Trick by viralpress

When the young girl stands up, Chayen copies her and even sits down and stands up again at the same time.

The hilarious footage went viral after being shared online from Nakhon Sawan, Thailand.

Owner Kra Phera said: ”Chayen is a smart dog and he can learn anything really quickly.

”Here he sits on his hind legs like the girl next to him. When she stands up, he copies her.

”Chayen even puts his paws in the same place that she had her hands. It only took him a few minutes to learn this. He’s smart and loves humans.”

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