Dog In Women’s Clothes On Motorbike

It’s not just Thai men that like dressing in women’s clothes. The dogs do, too.

Jay Chanpen arrived with his son Lookchai, 10, at the supermarket in Uttaradit Province on Tuesday afternoon when the witnessed the strange situation.

The dog, believed to be a mixed Dhole breed, was spotted wearing frilly knickers, a flowery collar while sitting upright on the moped seat and holding the handlebars with its paws.

Jay said he thought the owner had gone inside to buy groceries and left the dog on the motorbike outside.

He says in the clip: ‘’Little boy, what’s your name? You look very good. What are you doing here? Hello? Do you have a girlfriend? Are you waiting for your girlfriend?’’

The cool-headed pooch kept looking straight ahead as it waited for its owner to return.

Jay said after: ‘’It was a coincidence we parked up at the supermarket while the dog was there sitting on the motorbike.

”He looked cool. I think he was waiting for somebody who had just gone inside the shop. I still don’t know what the dog’s name is.’’

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