When You Didn’t Study Traffic Light Rules….

This is the hilarious moment a motorcyclist jumped a red light – then waited on the other side of the junction for it to change.

The rider should have stopped on the far side of the road to cars to pass and the light to change to green.

But instead of stopping in the correct place, he passed through the road and waited directly under the red signal.

Motorist Pouy Khampouvong was in hysterics as he filmed the inexperience rider while stuck in traffic in Oudomxay, northwestern Laos last on July 23.

He said: ”I don’t know why he had to wait there when he had already passed to the other side.

”The whole point of the traffic lights is to stop people from crossing the road in front of them at the junction.

”They appeared to be quite inexperienced on the road so I wonder if he understood about intersections.

”I think they need to take check the road laws and study the part about traffic lights and junctions.”

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