Decapitated Foreigner Found Floating In River Kwai

Police launched a murder hunt after a decapitated body was found floating in the River Kwai.

Officers believe the unidentified man was beheaded further upstream and hurled into the iconic river in Kanchaburi.

Passers-by saw the corpse of a ”foreign man” floating in the Sai Yok district on Monday afternoon and called police.

The body was dragged ashore where cops noticed that the man’s wrists had also been hacked off.

Investigators now believe the victim was attacked then decapitated before being chucked into the river, which is popular destination for visiting tourists.

Hit war movie The Bridge on the River Kwai is set in the same area and based on the true story of British prisoners of war who were ordered to build a bridge for their Japanese captors.

Police Colonel Jaruwat Chanppen who is leading the case said he believed the man is a foreigner who had been dead for about two days before he was found.

He said: ”We do not suspect that Thai people were involved in this. It is a foreigner, but we don’t know what country.

”The victim has dark skin but we have not identified him yet. He is about 150cm tall and he was naked when he found him.

”The neck had been severed and he did not have a head. Both wrists had been cut off.

”There are no reports of a missing person in the area so they are not local from any villages.

”The man looks like he was killed in an argument. We will investigate and find the killer so they cannot do this again.”

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