Retired Brit, 60, Was Real-Life Water White Before Fatal Car Crash

Turns out the British man killed in a car crash in Udon Thani had been quite a character. A character much like Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

During the day times, David Sewell, 60, lived the typical life of an expat in Udon Thani. His wife stayed at home in their home and the couple visited the local temple together.

David’s wife, Maen, 47, thought nothing off it when he went out each night. She just assumed he was seeing other foreign friends.

But David was living a double life – much like Walter from the hit TV show – selling hard drugs to other expats in the northeastern region.

His empire collapsed when local cops became suspicious after seeing him acting strangely while parked up on a roadside on Thursday evening with the door open.

They walked over to speak with him but he panicked – with a large bag of cannabis, 80 methamphetamine pills, five bags of crystal meth and seven bags of cocaine on the front passenger seat.

Several police cars gave chase at speed for more than 10km before David ploughed into the back of an 18-wheel truck on a motorway at 9pm. He was rushed to hospital but was later pronounced dead.

It’s case close for the police. But they’re starting to ask questions of David’s widow and how much she knew of the drugs business. Especially after they found a large amount of weed stashed at their home.

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