Cute Kickboxer Thanawat Muangprom Is Big Hit!

There are so many hot Thai girls but this one has to be one of our favourites – and almost certainly Thailand’s cutest kickboxer.

Thanawat Muangprom, 22, started Muay Thai fighting when she was 14 and has held dozens of national titles and belts.

She has won more than 100 competitive fights, drawn 20 and lost just one match – with some 23 knock out wins to her name.

But it’s her angelic face that is winning her plaudits in native country Thailand where fans have labelled her the world’s cutest kickboxer after a video of her doing the ‘Panama Dance’ went viral last week.

Thanawat said: ‘’I’ve won a lot of fights because we work and train very hard. It’s just practice, practice, practice. Sometimes it’s tiring but I like it.

Cute kickboxer Thanawat Muangprom
Cute kickboxer Thanawat Muangprom

Cute kickboxer Thanawat Muangprom

‘’it’s fun, it’s my life and I’m happy when people comment and say I’m the ‘cute kickboxer’ or the most beautiful Muay Thai girl.

‘’I think there are a lot more girls more pretty than me though. I don’t even have abs. I train every day and still can’t get them.’’

Muay Thai, or Muay Thai Kickboxing, is a combat sport practiced by men and women that involves kicking, punching, elbowing and grappling opponents into submission.

Thanawat seems to have it mastered. So enjoy a few more shots of her looking absolutely stunning…

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