Crocodile Bites Trainer’s Hand Then Does DEATH ROLL

This is the terrifying moment a crocodile bites a trainer’s hand – then does a DEATH ROLL.

The man was entertaining tourists by teasing the killer beast and putting his arm inside its mouth at a show in Phuket, Thailand.

But the hungry reptile snapped its deadly jaws shut – then did a terrifying death roll to try and subdue its victim.

Incredibly, the quick-thinking trainer escaped any serious injuries by rolling in the same direction as the croc which then released its grip.

He then breaks free and walks to the side clutching his hand in front of horrified onlookers.

The trainer puts his hand into the croc's mouth at Phuket Crocodile World

The trainer puts his hand into the croc’s mouth at Phuket Crocodile World

A spokesman for Phuket Crocodile World said a member of staff had recorded the incident at their show.

They added: ”The crocodile bit our staff’s hand. The trainer was taken to hospital but he did not have any serious injuries. He just had a sore hand.

”He knew what to do if the crocodile bites and how to escape. This is part of working with crocodiles.”

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