CREEPY! Walking Round Abandoned Bangkok Brothel

We’re posted before on the amount of multi-storey massage parlours in Bangkok. They seem to be clustered around the Ratchada area.

Well, it hasn’t been a good year for them. First there was uproar about the way they illegally tap into ground water – bypassing the mains to get water for free and so contributing to the sinking of Bangkok.

Ocean Massage formerly Colonze 2 the abandoned brothel in Bangkok

Ocean Massage, formerly Colonze 2, the abandoned brothel in Bangkok

Now several more places have fallen victim to the police raids which last year claimed the Nattaree massage parlour.

First fell Victoria’s Secret. The owners also run The Lord masage, so that closed at the same time. While The Lord’s neighbour’s Ocean Massage obviously felt the heat and did a runner before the cops could close their albeit failing venture.

In fact, the people who had been running Ocean Massage left so quickly they forgot to turn out the lights. Or close the windows. Or close the doors.

So I took the chance to have a walk around and grab some pictures and video of the deserted brothel before the bulldozers move in.

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