Creepy Pervert Sniffs Woman’s Hair In Lift

This is the bizarre moment an alleged pervert started sniffing and tasting a woman’s hair as they rode together in the lift.

The 23-year-old crept up behind the terrified female after she boarded the elevator at the Jingcun Community Building apartment block in Yunlin County, Taiwan on November 7.

He allegedly told her she had a spider on her head, then spent two minutes sniffing her black hair and even putting it in his mouth as she stood paralysed with fear.

The young woman eventually fled to the safety of her room and recounted the ordeal to her boyfriend who stormed over to the building’s security guards.

They called police and the hair sniffer, named in local media as Mr Zhong, was arrested at his room in the same block of flats. He had allegedly performed the same creepy attack on another woman later the same day.

The boyfriend of the woman in the CCTV footage said she felt scared but was afraid of retaliating against the man in case he attacked her.

He said: ”My girlfriend met the pervert inside the elevator. After a while, he told my girlfriend that she has a spider on her hair.

”My girlfriend did not suspect at first, but after a while, she felt that something is wrong. She did not dare do any impulsive actions because there was only the two of them inside the elevator.”

”The man even followed the woman outside the elevator, but she was able to get safely back inside our unit.

”Later that day, the man did the hair sniffing again to another tenant. This time, the woman was able to shout for help and call a friend.”

The second alleged victim told security guards that the man had fled inside a room on the third floor of the building.

The residents and security guards knocked on unit floors located on the third floor. When they reached the new tenant’s door, the girl identified him as the suspect.

The man was held temporarily in the building’s security office before taking him to the police station where he was held in a cell in custody while police investigate the incidents.

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