Crazy Yellow Kia Driver In Philippines

This is the shocking moment a woman driver refuses to pay a parking fine and rams dozens of cars – before police batter her vehicle with truncheons.

Jamie Camille Lee Brojan, 28, was hit with the 10USD ticket but sparked a police chase when sped away in Manila, the Philippines.

Five burly traffic officers on motorcyles corner her a mile from the first incident but she still refused to leave her tiny two-door yellow Kia.

Crazy Yellow Kia Driver Rams Cars In Philippines by viralpress

Shocking footage from onlookers shows her repeatedly ram motorcycles and cars while police try desperately to smash her window.

One cop hurls himself at the vehicle, another kicks the bumper and a colleague batters the window with a truncheon.

But the crazed woman slams her foot on the accellerator and knocks over several motorcycles to make her getaway.

Incredibly, she escaped capture and only handed herself in after the clip went viral attracting four million views.

Stunned onlooker Kitt Lapena said: ”I have never seen anybody driving like this before.

The yellow Kia after the road rage in Manila,  Philippines

The yellow Kia after the road rage in Manila, Philippines

”I have no idea why she was compelled to go to such lengths just to avoid getting ticketed over a parking violation.

”I couldn’t quite believe what was happening. Anybody else would surely stop for the police.

”They were trying desperately to break into her car to catch her but she kept ramming the motorcycles.”

”I’m pretty sure the cost of a parking fine is minimal, especially compared to how much she will pay for in damages to property.”

Miss Brojan escaped but later visited at a local police station to confess.

She claimed she was initially chased after a parking issue and then refused to stop because she ”panicked”.

Police said that four officers were injured after the chaos – but that the woman would not be charged after she agreed to pay damages.

A spokesman said: ”Parties involved in the incident decided not to lay charges against Jamie Camille Lee Brojan, 28, a resident of San Juan City, after she committed to shoulder the victims’ medical and vehicular repair expenses.”

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