Couple Filmed Romping In Rain On Bridge In Rayong

This is the moment a randy couple were filmed romping in the pouring rain – on a motorway bridge.

The drenched pair were seen kissing while sprawled on the wet ground yesterday afternoon in Rayong, Thailand.

They then clambered up the steps to sit on the walkway away from the view of passing cars while they writhed around together on the wet floor.

But onlooker Adisak Khaosaard, 29, walked up the steps and filmed the soaked couple who were oblivious to passers-by.

They were so wrapped up in the moment they also seemed to forget they were being drenched by monsoon rains lashing the area.

The couple are filmed romping on the motorway bridge in Rayong

The couple are filmed romping on the motorway bridge in Rayong

Adisak, who filmed the pair from both sides of the motorway bridge, said: ”It happened in the afternoon near a school. They looked like adults, so they should know better.

”I saw them kissing on the steps then they walked up and were lying on the ground. Their clothes were wet.

”It’s a strange thing to do like that in the rain. I think they must be in love so much that water doesn’t bother them.

”I filmed them just because it was funny. I didn’t think it would be shared so much.”

It’s not known what nationality the couple are, but Thai media has been quick to label them foreigners. Yeah, right.

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